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Tuesday, 31 May 2005
$Id: CHANGELOG.TXT,v 1.6 2005/06/18 05:02:12 cambell Exp $

Release 0.2.2 18 Jun 2005

cvs 0.2.2 18 Jun 2005
18 Jun 2005 CJP Added format to schema and renderer and typedpart
        Added renderToString in View
        Added PatEmail view
        Added EmailPage
        Added Email library util/email/email.php and .../arkemail.php
          - Does plain text and mime html emails

14 Jun 2005 CJP Fixed header redirect for // problem.
        Added setDefault to Form and Form::onRender
        Added setFocus to Form and Form::onRender
        Added +1 to START calc in Pager::onRender 1 - 10 not 0 - 10
        Added the PatEmail view in view/patview.php

cvs 0.2.1 10 Jun 2005
9  Jun 2005 CJP Fixed Traversal stateGetNode by ensuring that currentState_ is NULL in enter.

8  Jun 2005 CJP Added Session::isConnected
        Fixed bug in INSERT in DBSession::writeData extra ' around $data not reqd.
        Added action parameter to FrontController::run
        Changed DataPart to be based around handle not only onRender
        Changed Filter to be based around handle also
        Fixed Filter to set where in state only if it is valid
        Added a Table that forces the filter structure. table.filter.pager

7  Jun 2005 CJP Added quoting to $data in DBSession::writeData
        Added setCountSQL to DBIterator

5  Jun 2005 CJP Modified TypedLabels to honor DT_Hidden
        Added optional keys to TypedKeySpacePart
        Added optional keys to TypedLabels

3  Jun 2005 CJP Added DT_Hidden data type in data/schema.php
        Modified TypedKeySpacePart to suit.

Release 0.2.0 3 Jun 2005

3  Jun 2005 CJP Added Filter in controller/parts/filter.php
        Removed PagerAccessor (replaced with TableAccessor)
        Added TableAccessor which supports filter as well as pager.
        Added $hasFollowAction and $context in constructor of DataPart.
        Added setSelect and associated changes to DBIterator in data/dbiterator.php
        Changed import in DBKeySpace. The old check for key matching has been removed.
        Added iterator function to Schema. Returns a new DBIterator based on the schema

2  Jun 2005 CJP Added User::logout in data/user.php
        Added header_redirect for redirecting relative url's in util/header.php
        Improved rendering of URL's in TypedKeySpacePart where url doesn't have http://
        Added IsAuthorised
        Added setSQL for direct sql to DBIterator
        Added Renderer in controller/renderer.php
        Added RCommon, a common renderer in controller/renderers/rcommon.php
        Changed TypedParts to suit the renderer in ...parts/typedpart.php
        Added DT_Currency data type in data/schema.php and ...renderers/rcommon.php
        Added count to all iterators
        Added iterator to pager so that pager can push count into view, and not page past count

1  Jun 2005 CJP Fixed session doco
        Added get/set uid and get/set privilege to session in data/session.php
        Added User in data/user.php
        Fixed read and write in KeySpaceDecorator
        Added actCancel, actSave, actError to Form and modified Form::onAction to suit.
        Added count to action in controller/actionpath.php
        Added rendering args in Part::onRender in controller/part.php
        Added getActionPath to FrontController in controller/front.php
         This helps the mambo integration.
        Added Authorise controller in controller/authorise.php

31 May 2005 CJP Minor doco fix in constructor of PatRoot
        Changed LastSession to ark_session in data/session.php
        Added SITE_ROOT in Handle::resolve in controller/handle.php
        Added PasswordControl in controller/parts/textcontrol.php
        Added MamboView in view/mambo/mamboview.php
        Changed database table to ark_session (was session) in dbsession.php
        Fixed the confirm valid rule data/validrules/confirm.php
        Fixed parent constructor call in Part constructor
        Added RadioControl in controller/parts/selectcontrol.php
        Added setIOSpace to Form in controller/parts/form.php

22 May 2005 CJP Changed Session::read to allow cookie read on url read failure

cvs 0.1.3 20 May 2005
20 May 2005 CJP Added hasRender to EventQueue
        Used EventQueue::hasRender in FrontController instead of Page, this is more robust than
         relying on the return value of onAction.
        Removed schema from Form
        Added onSave action to Form
        Added onCancel action to Form
        Added buildActionPath to Traversal
        Added saveContext fn call in Page::onAction
        Rearranged derivation of Part, ActionPart, Deck, and ActionDeck.
         Now Part derives from Deck with followAction as a parameter
        Added class ValuePart - Renders key value pairs into a View
        Added class TableDeleteAction - Deletes data from a table
        Added delete member function to DBKit

19 May 2005 CJP Added setPaging to ctor of DBIterator

18 May 2005 CJP Added label to validator rules
        New TextArea control
        New TypedLabel part
        Handle in Handler is now resolved in Handler::canHandle after success
        DBForm removed, now Form has a KeySpace used for io / data exchange
        Table removed, a 'DataPart' can be used instead.
16 May 2005 CJP Added context to traversal

Release 0.1.2 13 May 2005
This is the first public release of ARK.

Last Updated ( Saturday, 18 June 2005 )
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